It's not too late for your Christmas email campaign

It's not too late for your Christmas email campaign

Sophie Tucker

A ‘12 days of Christmas’ email campaign is the perfect way to do this.

It’s December, but it’s not too late. Contact us today and we’ll help you set up your Christmas email campaign and increase your profit. It’s what we DO.

Christmas is the time for giving. The magical time of Santa, toys, trees and tinsel, elves and Rudolph, carols and a big old turkey. It’s also the time of year where everyone is spending and has left present buying to last minute. As an eCommerce business, it’s your job to make the purchasing process easy, especially around the festive season when stress levels are high and time is against them.

An email campaign in the lead up to Christmas is the perfect chance to generate more sales. In a time poor community every man and their dog is online shopping, even your grandma who you didn’t think owned a computer. So while your customers are browsing the web, throw them some deals they can’t resist.

Give your customers incentives to purchase your products by offering them a customised deal for each of the 12 days.

In the spirit of giving, here’s are few ways you can entice your shoppers with different deals and at the same time give a little back to your loyal customer base:

1. Offer free express shipping

For the full 12 days, offer free express shipping as an incentive for your customers. This will encourage shoppers to get in early and allow you to control your shipping rush. No one likes paying for shipping, so this is a nice gift to kick off the silly season.

2. Double loyalty points for a day

If you have a reward system with points that your customers accrue, have a day where product points are doubled on any purchase. They will feel they are getting more bang for their buck.

3. Buy 1, get 1 free

Who doesn't like a freebie? BOGO campaigns encourage your customers to buy more and reward them if they do. Give them an item for free or a certain product as a gift for their loyalty.

4. Provide gift ideas to make lives easier

Christmas presents can be stressful so by providing ideas for stocking fillers is a gift in itself for parents around Christmas.

5. Group products by price

Give your customers a helping hand and show them collections to meet their budget. Create these in different price ranges and host them in your website navigation using simple language eg: ‘Under $50’. Allow your customer to easily find what they can afford.  

6. Gift packages: For him and for her

Promote products tailored to specific audiences. You can even create a gift package for a certain customer profile. This could be a cap, pair of shorts and a t-shirt all for $150. Make your customers purchasing process easy so that in just a few clicks they have Christmas sorted.

7. Highlight the ease of your refund and returns policy

When buying for someone else, getting it right is always a worry. Highlight to your customers that it’s okay that the shirt they bought for their cousin is four sizes too big or their little one now wants the pink bike. Reiterate the ease of getting a refund or swapping a product for an alternative one.

8. Go out with a bang

Finish the 12 days with one big hit. Offer a final discount code for one day only to really boost your sales. That final present to your customers.

Everyone likes a gift, especially in the holiday period. So treat your customers like you’d like to be treated. You’ll maintain a loyal customer base who are likely to spread the Christmas cheer about the great deals they’ve received from you, ultimately gaining new customers. A simple ‘12 days of Christmas’ email campaign is just one effective way you can increase your sales over the holiday period.