Improving SEO Performance = getting more customers for your business

Improving SEO Performance = getting more customers for your business

Laura Qureshi

Whether you are selling online, or heavily reliant on people finding your services via your website, addressing search engine optimisation is a must for any business.

This has become even more important with mobile search being the key driver of search traffic and overtaking desktop search on a monthly percentage basis. I often refer back to this simple question when talking with clients or people in general…

“Think about how you use your mobile, do you...”

  • Google an address when heading to a new restaurant?
  • Search for a plumber the minute the hot water service goes?
  • Look for the best price on those limited edition Nike Air Max?
  • Check holiday packages for Fiji for July 2017?

The obvious answer is yes, and identifying and relating how we as consumers search and find content online is straightforward. It takes seconds to connect with a mobile user / searcher on their behaviours and get agreeance that we all do this daily. So why as businesses are we not concentrating on this specific behaviour as part of our communication and advertising strategies.

Are you making SEO the priority it should be?

No doubt many businesses are doing a great job of this, but if you are not one of them, how much opportunity are you missing by not concentrating on your SEO, mobile design and subsequent experience?

It is easy to take for granted how engaged or ready to purchase a searcher of your product or service is. Someone searching for something relating to your offering is half way there, they are advanced in the sales funnel and just need you to succinctly offer yourself to them in the online world.

What should I do?

If your sales conversions are low, or you have noticed a dip in previously strong website traffic, talk to DO about how we can help. Our processes are thorough, and depending on your situation we can usually help with efficiency and effect to get immediate results for your business.

Email me to book a quick chat about your SEO and the opportunity it can present for your business -