Magento to Shopify = 6 months free

Magento to Shopify = 6 months free

Laura Qureshi

Ask us about switching from Magento to Shopify Plus and getting 6 months free. Everyone is doing it, you should too. 

If you’re currently on Magento and have been thinking about making the move, now’s the perfect time. Shopify Plus is waiting for you, and also giving you six months free*. You've got until June 30 2018 to make your move.

Here’s a few reasons to flick the switch:

  • Say goodbye to Magento's expensive and unpredictable maintenance fees. On Shopify Plus, you’ll get fast and unlimited hosting, 24/7 platform support, and bank-level security at one low, predictable monthly fee.

  • On Shopify Plus, you can continue to deliver a multi-store experience for different countries, languages, currencies and seasonal trends.

  • Shopify Plus offers one-click access to 1,500 powerful, enterprise-level apps that can change the way you manage customer rewards, email marketing, inventory management, and more.

  • Exclusive tools like Shopify Flow, Shopify Scripts, and Launchpad can help your team save time by automating repetitive tasks and campaigns, making room to focus on growth.

  • Expand your reach and grow your audience by selling directly on the world’s biggest websites, marketplaces, and social networks — all without adding cost or development time.

We’ve done a fair few Magento migrations, so we’re skilled in the game.

Getting a bit curious and want to know more? Give us a bell. We’ll answer all your questions.

*If not using Shopify Payments Merchant will incur 0.15% transaction fee. 6 months free based on a 30 month contract.