Checklist for successful Christmas trading

Checklist for successful Christmas trading

Laura Qureshi

It has certainly snuck up quickly, Christmas!

For those of you running Shopify stores, it is a busy and often very important time for your online trading. To maximise success and keep your customers happy and returning next year, we have formulated this checklist to help you get the most out of your Christmas trading:

1. Work out your shipping and delivery rates and deadlines early

There is no use people buying gifts for Christmas if they don't arrive in time. To encourage early shopping or reduce the pressure of late / last minute orders, set your shipping rates and cut off times early. Create strong and clear calls to action and communicate them prominently on your store. For example:

  • Have a cut off date to guarantee your Christmas delivery. This will obviously depend on the locations you ship to and your shipping provider, so ensure you check this clearly.
  • Offer a shipping offer - i.e. free on orders this week, free on orders over X amount. This will encourage shoppers to get in early and allow you to control your shipping rush.
  • Add this info to your site header, email communication, subscription pop up and check out page - so customers are 100% aware.

2. Organise your products and collections

You know your product range and what your clients want, so ensure the structure on your site makes the user journey and experience pleasant. Make it easy for your customer to shop, some examples include:

  • Bestsellers on the homepage
  • Search function working well so people can find what they need
  • Product photography looking great
  • Update inventory levels so customers are not disappointed if stocks deplete

3. Evoke some Christmas spirit

Share the love with your customers. Online shopping is often perceived as less personal and lacking in experience (especially during Christmas). You can create a fun and happy experience for your customers, some of these ideas work well:

  • Offer free Christmas gift wrapping
  • Update your  order confirmation messages to include a Christmas message
  • Have a gift with purchase or special offer

4. Be prepared and start communicating now

Check off all your must do items, get your promotional offers and communication scheduled set and start speaking to your customers. Email to your customer list, update your homepage with the relevant information and ensure your associated Adword campaigns, Google Shopping or social media ads and communication all reflect your key Christmas messages.

These few ideas are a good starting point to a successful Christmas trading period. Good luck and don't forget to contact DO if you need more help formulating your Christmas online sales strategy.