"Sections" for Shopify Themes
a Crash Course

Laura Qureshi

An exciting new feature has been added to Shopify called Sections. One of the key reasons DO continue to work with Shopify as our exclusive ecommerce platform partner is due to the ongoing commitment the platform has to continual improvement.

The improvement does not just benefit experienced developers but most importantly makes managing a store, updating content and improving functionality for business owners easier than ever. 

Sections is particularly exciting as it empowers you (the store owner) by giving greater flexibility when customising your online store. Sections means you can add and move content on your homepage within a few clicks. 

Not only will Sections improve the workflow and approach to design and development for Shopify Expert Developers such as us, but it means once your store is ready for launch or improvements have been made, handing over and training you the store owner in managing your content will be easier than ever.

How can I get Sections for my store?

Currently, all new Shopify stores come equipped with a new default theme called Debut that supports sections.Shopify are currently working with existing theme developers to ensure all themes listed in the Shopify Theme Store include sections by the end of December 2016.

How do Sections work?

Shopify released a great blog with an outline and detailed explanation of how Sections work, it's benefits and more. Read it here. Credit and shout out to the author, Shopify's Partner Content Marketing Lead - Simon Heats.

The key benefits in a nutshell are:

  1. Enhanced theme customisation
  2. Easy image uploading with imager picker
  3. Simplified resource referencing with URL setting

If you need help installing Sections to your theme, please contact us today.