Top podcasts for ecommerce businesses

Top podcasts for ecommerce businesses

Laura Qureshi

The internet is packed to the brim with ever-expanding wisdom, all a mere click away. It seems however, that the internet has become our proverbial nightstand—piled high with unread blog posts, unfinished articles and half-read ‘hacks’ we simply don’t have the time or energy to consume.

Podcasts offer a refreshing alternative—packed with informative content that allows us to engage in our intellectual desires, they are an accessible and convenient way to absorb knowledge.

Podcasts come in all flavours, and there’s a stellar selection of ecommerce-specific channels out there, useful for everyone from digital newbies to veterans in ecommerce. They offer a wealth of information filled with strategies, hacks, tips, and the traps and triumphs of owning and growing an online business.

It’s easy to get stuck in the ‘tyranny of choice’ vortex when flicking through podcast channels, so we’ve done the research for you and whittled it down to our six favourites (you’re welcome). Tune in to our top six ecommerce podcasts:


Ecommerce expert Andrew Youderian interviews industry experts and provides his listeners with strategies, tips and stories to help six and seven figure store owners take their business up a notch. In the last few years Andrew has become an expert in the ecommerce world, having built two dropshipping businesses that banked over one million dollars in sales. From marketing niche brands to going viral and everything in-between, eCommerce Fuel never fails to entertain and inform.

Start with: ‘How to scale your ecommerce marketing plan without spending a fortune.’

The Ecommerce Success Show

Hosted by digital media specialist and web designer Nicole Purvy, she details everything you need to know to get started online, highlighting ecommerce tips and tricks to help small businesses grow and make more sales. Every episode includes a little bit of ecommerce news, an easy tip to improve your business, as well as three hacks from the digital media industry.

Start with: ‘7 graphic design tips for ecommerce businesses.’

Entrepreneur on Fire

A daily podcast by John Lee Dumas for serious entrepreneurs and small business owners. Dumas starts every podcast with the guest’s biggest failure, and their lessons learned. He then explores the moment it all came together, and the steps they took to make that happen. The show concludes with a round of six questions to extract resources and actionable steps listeners can follow in their quest to grow their business. In his words, ‘value-bombs’ are dropped in every episode.

Start with: ‘You’re sabotaging yourself, and here’s how you can stop.’

My Wife Quit her Job

Host Steve Chou and his wife document their personal experiences and strategies starting their online store, BumbleBeeLinen, which made 100k+ in profit during its first year of operation. The podcast is an interview-based show with small businesses entrepreneurs who bootstrapped their business to overhaul their lifestyle—they look at how these entrepreneurs built their businesses without mortgaging their house or working hundred hour weeks.  It offers a wealth of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs on the fence of diving in head first into their business.

Start with: ‘How to make a million dollars in 21 days selling an online course with Amy Porterfield.’

Smart Passive Income

The Smart Passive Income Podcast is hosted by Pat Flynn, and provides the ideal blend of instruction and inspiration. Learn how you can create multiple passive income streams to afford you the time and freedom to do what you love. Flynn breaks down methods and strategies for marketing your online business to stay ahead of the game. Episodes surround SEO, building trust, social media marketing, automation and marketing strategy.

Start with: ‘How to build a massive community behind your physical product with Tom from Chubbies.’

Shopify Masters

Hosted by Felix Thea, each week he interviews successful ecommerce entrepreneurs and unpacks how they’re building businesses that allow them to live the life they want. He provides actionable strategies and ecommerce specific marketing advice. From his interviews with industry leading ecommerce specialists and business owners, Thea analyses their winning strategies, shares their recommended resources and discusses the hurdles and challenges that many entrepreneurs face.

Start with: ‘Out-innovating billion dollar companies on a shoe-string budget.’